Showa Nostalgic Miniature Collection Blind Capsule

1-2.5 inches
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"Singing Panda", "Okiagari Poron-chan", border glasses of "Pierre Cardin" brand, etc. are miniaturized.
Produced by Ms. Ayumi Uyama, who is a Showa miscellaneous goods collector and a doll and mascot artist, we have a lineup of nostalgic toys and household items.


All 6 types in the lineup
1, Singing Panda
"Sheet Record" is included. The right ear has a microphone specification, and you can use the included microphone cord to connect the main unit and the microphone as shown in the image!

All five glasses in the glass set can be taken out. The "Pierre Cardin" logo on the case is reproduced with silver ink!
(Case W5.7×D2.3cm, Glass W0.9×D1.8cm)

3.Fuel album (blue)
3.Fuel album (red)
The album can be opened and closed. The photographic mount part is glossy to reproduce the atmosphere of the actual film.

4. Poron-chan and Rattle (Red)
4. Poron-chan and Rattle (Yellow
* Miniature Poron-chan is a specification that does not make a sound.
(Poron-chan W2.7×H5cm, rattle W0.7×H2.2cm)

5, Toy piano (red)
6, Toy piano (black)
The set's accessory sticker is a miniaturized version of Designphil's sticker. By sticking it on the top of the piano, you can create a 1970s-style decoration.

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