Sanrio Characters Retro Trunk Miniature Collection Blind Box

1 inch
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ou can put small items in it or use it as a decoration
. Cute trunk that can be used in various ways!

Sanrio Co. , Ltd.
In 1960, Yamanashi Silk Center Co., Ltd. (now Sanrio) was established in Tokyo with the aim of establishing a social communication business.
In 1974, created the characters "Hello Kitty" and "Patty & Jimmy". Based on the company's corporate philosophy of "everyone gets along well," characters created by Sanrio are active all over the world and bring smiles to people's faces.
Sanrio is a word that stands for Saint River "sacred river", and he in Spanish is derived from San Rio. The desire to build a sacred culture on the banks of the river, where it is said that mankind first began to live, and the desire to create a community (group) where people who gather there are considerate of each other and can live in harmony. is included.
In 2020, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our founding.
© 2023 SANRIO CO., LTD.

■ Lineup of
6 types
1. Patty & Jimmy Debuted in 1974
A lovey-dovey couple living in Kansas City, USA.
Patty is good at sports, but she's not good at studying. She is a lively, tomboyish girl.
Jimmy is a kind boy who lives next door to Patty and is good at studying and playing chess. His future dream is to become president.

2. My Melody Debuted in 1975. A
gentle and bright girl who cares about her younger brother.
Her treasure is a cute hood made by her grandmother.
She likes to bake cookies with her mother.
Her favorite food is almond bound cake.

3. Tuxedosam Debuted in 1981
A stylish penguin boy from Tuxedo Island in Antarctica.
He is a glutton and a bit of a blunderer. He has 365 bow ties. He comes from a venerable family and has studied abroad in England.
Sam's best friend is Chip, a bright seal boy.

4.Fresh Punch Debuted in 1979
Fashionable pattern design studded with candies and lipsticks.

5. Goropikadon debuted in 1982. Mischievous triplets
born in the land of thunder, who hate rain. I go to Thunder School.
Blue-haired Goro is the second son. Funny and gluttonous.
Pika with pink hair is the youngest. She's a spoiled child and is reticent, but she's good at lightning. I can talk to animals.
The green-haired Don is the eldest son. Serious and precise. He likes to invent and is aiming for a Nobel Prize.

6.Nyanynynyenyeon Debuted in 1984 A naughty kitten
with five siblings.
Nya is a solid person. Ni is kind and loves marshmallows. Amaenbo New. Nye is a fashionable and shy girl. The mischievous Nyon!

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