Victor Historical Miniature Collection Blind Box

1-2.5 inches
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Reviving the history of sound and video in miniature

Since the founding of Victor Gramophone Co., Ltd. in 1927, Victor has been It is a brand that has continued to innovate the world of video. Its history begins with the gramophone, Japan's first television receiver, 45/45 system stereo, recording studio, research and development of three-dimensional sound field, VHS that has become a global standard, digital high-quality sound technology "K2 technology", Even with the changing times, such as various speaker technologies such as wood cones, we never stop challenging the innovation. _Victor will continue to develop as a brand with “pride and inquisitiveness”.


All 5 types
1. TV Magazine (C‐14RX)
(width 4.1 x height 3.8cm)
2. VHS video cassette (HR-3300)/VHS tape
(width 5 x height 1.6cm)
3 Binaural headphone & microphone (HM-200), dummy head
(width 3 x height 2.6cm)
4. Stereo double cassette BOOM, cassette tape
(width 5.5 x height 1.6cm)
5. Video camera VideoMovie (GR-C1), video tape
( Width 2.5 x Height 4.7cm)

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