Smiski Dressing Series Blind Box

2.5 inches
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A mysterious fairy secretly changing clothes in the corner of your room?
The long-awaited new series "SMISKI Dressing Series" has appeared from "Smiski", a fairy who watches over you who loves Sumi, who is secretly gaining popularity mainly on SNS.
In this series, a new Smiski has been discovered who is secretly changing clothes to imitate you who enjoys fashion.

"Dressing" depicts scenes that are a little goofy, adorable, and laughable, such as "Kitsukitski" desperately trying to put her feet in tight pants and "Atamadenaiski" looking sad because she can't stick her head out of her sweater. Series”.
I'm sure you've experienced a slightly embarrassing pose while changing clothes that you don't want anyone to see.

There might be Smiski secretly changing clothes in your room or in the closet...?

It's a blind box, so you can look forward to what comes out until you open the box.
All 6 types + 1 secret type. The assorted box is a set of 12 blind boxes.
*The material of this product is a phosphorescent material, so it absorbs light and the main body glows when it gets dark.
Please put it in a bright place and then put it in a dark place and enjoy it.

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