Smiski Cheer Series Blind Box

2.5 inches
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The "SMISKI Cheer Series", a series in which the fairy "Smithkey" who watches over you from Sumi supports you every day with your favorite tools such as drums and megaphones, is on sale!
Smithy was always quietly watching over Sumi, but it seems that he really wanted to support him when he saw you doing his best.

It's hard because I have a lot of hard work, school, and housework every day.
Furthermore, in a life that has changed completely due to the influence of the new coronavirus, I feel lonely and deprived of my enjoyment, and even if I do my best, there is no fun ... Many people feel that way. There should be.

At that time, if you look at Sumi in the room and have Smithy who sends you ale with a small body, do you feel a little cheerful?

Smithy will support you who do telework, who refrain from going out and start a new hobby at home, and who do household chores for the family as usual.

It's a blind box, so look forward to what you get until you open the box.
All 6 types + 1 secret type.
The assorted box is a set of 12 blind boxes.

* Since the material of this product is a phosphorescent material, the main body glows when it absorbs light and becomes dark.
Please put it in a bright place and then put it in a dark place to enjoy it.

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