Jun-Kissa (Pure Cafe) Miniature Collection 2 Blind Box

1 inch
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"The term “jun-kissa” got established after the Showa era, a time when Japan was evolving after opening its doors to the western world. With a culture of tea drinking, it didn’t take long for the Japanese public to adapt their palates to the special taste of coffee. In effect, several cafes began opening throughout the entire country, but in Kyoto, the number 1 coffee consumption city in Japan with its special care for blending the traditional to the modern, this new trend got highlighted. These are cafes that have kept their interior as that of the Showa and Taisho eras."

All 6 types
1. Signboard Light Chimoto Coffee
2. Chair (Gunma Prefecture Cafe Compal)
3. Coffee bean table 2 piece set (Tokyo Coffee) Tei Luan)
4. Hot coffee & original canned coffee (Kyoto Smart Coffee Shop)
5. Iced coffee (Tokyo Coffee Ron)

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