iBoy Classic

Philip Lee
4 inches
ABS Plastic

A heartfelt homage to the must-have device that transformed everyone's listening habits in the early 2000s, iBoy toy figure is the brainchild of  Classicbot’s designer, Philip Lee. The end result is an eye-catching talking point that’s sure to brighten up homes and offices everywhere. 

iBoy doesn't play any music, but it is still lots of fun.
iBoy is 100% free of electronic parts or functions, but each iBoy’s arms and legs with magnetic joints are infinite fun to move around and play with. There’s even a detachable lifelike headphone that ensures effortless switches between the unit’s robot and MP3 stylings.

The perfect fiddle toy
Each unit comes with an easily rotatable control wheel and easy-on-the-ear clickable button, making it the perfect fiddle toy. Pick it up when you’re bored or stressed!

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