Happy Classicbot by Philip Lee

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Philip Lee
4 inches
ABS Plastic


This is called Happy Classicbot, based on the famous Happy Mac icon. It also got new accessories, which are the keyboard and floppy disk. Including the old one there are a total of 4 accessories.


Classicbot Classic is a designer toy that pays homage to the iconic computer model. A lot of attention is paid to capture the spirit of the original classic computer. This new edition called the Classicbot Classic OS 2.0, shows a vintage desktop on the monitor. If you look closely all the icons are highly detailed with a unique Classicbot spin.

Classicbot Classic is produced by precise injection molding with high-quality abs plastic.

Each Classicbot Classic is about 10cm tall. He carries a “font suitcase” in his hand and is accompanied by his friendly mouse (model G5431b).

Detachable arms are held on by magnets – the perfect way to turn Classicbot Classic into his pure computer form.

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