Claudia Carieri Wallet

Claudia Carieri
8.5 x 3.75
Claudia Carieri, known as CLAO, is a graphic designer/illustrator based in Milan, Italy. She works in a very secret design studio where she creates illustrations for watches. She is attracted to simple concepts and shapes. Her key word is íëí__íëí_íëíæíëí___íëí__íëí_íëíæ_íëí__íëí_íëíæíëŒÇíë_íëí_íëí_íëí__íëŒÇíëíæíëí__íëŒÇíëŒ_íëí__íëí_íëíæíëí___íëí__íëí_íëíæ_íëí__íëí_íëíæíëí___íëí__íëŒÇíëíæíëŒÇíë_íëí_íëí_essence,íëí__íëí_íëíæíëí___íëí__íëí_íëíæ_íëí__íëí_íëíæíëŒÇíë_íëí_íëí_íëí__íëŒÇíëíæíëí__íëŒÇíëŒ_íëí__íëí_íëíæíëí___íëí__íëí_íëíæ_íëí__íëí_íëíæíëí___íëí__íëí_íëíæíëŒÇíë_íëŒÇíëíæ which she captures colorfully and pleasantly in her art.

Product details
Made of durable vinyl (Double layer for extra strength). Contains 3 slots for credit cards, a bill slot, and a change purse. The wallet is 8.5 x 3.75 open, but folds perfectly to fit in your pocket (4.25 x 3.75). All wallets are limited edition and come with a matching pin and bio card of the artist.

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