MPH Artist Series Poketo Wallet : kaNO

8.5 x 3.75
This is the first series of Poketo wallets designed especially for myplasticheart by some of todayí_í‚í___í_í‚í__í_í‚í_í__í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_í‚í_í_í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_킌ë_í_í‚í___í_í‚í__í_í‚í_í__í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_í‚í_í_í_킌ëíˆí_í‚_í_킌ëíˆí_킌댢s finest contemporary artists. These artists represent a cross section of todayí_í‚í___í_í‚í__í_í‚í_í__í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_í‚í_í_í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_킌ë_í_í‚í___í_í‚í__í_í‚í_í__í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_í‚í_í_í_킌ëíˆí_í‚_í_킌ëíˆí_킌댢s designer art toy subculture and have shaped the direction of this unique genre.

New York artist kaNO designs everything from animated shows to designer vinyl figures. As a product of his environment his work reflects the aesthetics of street life with nostalgia for the 80í_í‚í___í_í‚í__í_í‚í_í__í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_í‚í_í_í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_킌ë_í_í‚í___í_í‚í__í_í‚í_í__í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_í‚í_í_í_킌ëíˆí_í‚_í_킌ëíˆí_킌댢s and 90í_í‚í___í_í‚í__í_í‚í_í__í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_í‚í_í_í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_킌ë_í_í‚í___í_í‚í__í_í‚í_í__í_í‚í___í_킌ëíˆí_í‚í_í_í_킌ëíˆí_í‚_í_킌ëíˆí_킌댢s. His work is mainly influenced by, graffiti, cartoons, sneakers, crime and consumerism. In 2007 kaNO started his own brand called kaNO kid, LLC a company created to house all of his side projects such as books, toys and his gallery ventures.

Product details
Contains 3 slots for credit cards, a bill slot, and a change purse. The wallet is 8.5 x 3.75 open, but folds perfectly to fit in your pocket (4.25 x 3.75). All wallets are limited edition and all online orders come with a matching badge/pin.

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