Yummy World Yum-Mee Crispy Chocolate Plush Bars

16 inches

Super sweet and always delightful, the Yum-Mee crispy chocolate plush bars Kitt, Katt, Tim and Tam add a big flavor break to Yummy World! Sporting an easy-going attitude and love for travel these four plushie pals are always there to remind you that theres no better time for a Yum-Mee break than right now! Stop what your doing and do something Yummy today!

Luckily for this fantastic four pack, they are all free to leave their cozy plush wrapper, break off from one another and go on their own adventures too!  The Aussies Tim and Tam are always ready to show off their legendary BREAK-dancing skills while their pals, Kitt and Katt prefer more leisurely adventures like crisp morning hikes, going to the movies, brunching like locals, taking totally tubular selfies and chillin with friends, all while making sure to stay out of the sun... Break away from the boring and take an adventure with the newest members of Sprinkle Tree today! 

Standing proud at 16 inches tall, the Yum-Mee Crispy Chocolate Plush Bars are ready to be your new BFFs.

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