Yoyo Yeung Studio

Yoki Baby Siamese by Yoyo Yeung

Yoyo Yeung
3 inches
Japanese Vinyl

Yoki Siamese baby has a pale cream colored body, and his ears, lower body, and face have a gradual color change with dark brown accents. As a newborn, he opened his blue eyes and looked around with curiosity. Clever as he is, he is always curious about new things, but retains a hint of caution.

After growing up, he developed gentle and lively blue eyes. He loves to play and always leaves traces of his fellow feline's pawprints on his body.

( By the way, did you know that "Siam" is the old name of the Kingdom of Thailand? Siamese cat is also known as the Thai cat, which is a representative breed of short-haired cats. The fur of Siamese cats is very sensitive to temperature, and the colder the weather, the deeper their fur color will be.)

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