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Wagashi Dinosaurs Blind Capsule

2.25 inches
Vinyl & ABS
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Wagashi is not just a pastry, it is more like an art—incorporating daily art, taking on the changes of the seasons, landscapes, flowers, insects and birds, and Japanese craft elements. Because the forms of wagashi are quite diverse and require proficiency in various techniques, it takes almost ten years to train a professional. Many Japanese wagashi shops only pass on their skills to their own family members. It is not easy to master the art of this food. This is where 牛奶玩具公司 Milk Company Toys comes into play they combine dinosaurs with various classic Japanese confections,


[Apricot Leaf] Protoceratops

[Chrysanthemum] Ankylosaurus

[The Other Side Flower] Thunder Dragon

[Chrysanthemum] Ankylosaurus

[Wisteria] Stegosaurus

[Flower Cangpu] Vice Dragon

There's also an undisclosed hidden dinosaur with and fruit, can you guess!!??

Five in one set plus one hidden version. All 5 styles in one set, get a chance to get a hidden version
Each twisted egg contains a gold marker or silver sticker, collected to participate in the event.



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