Treeson and Other Stories Series 2 : Case of 8

Bubi Au Yeung
0.25 - 3 inches
Each display case now comes with seven announced figures as shown on the packaging plus one random duplicate; however, if you're really lucky, you will get the mystery figure (instead of duplicate) which is as rare as 1/128! All characters are designed and produced based on the stories from Bubi Au Yeung.

Treeson is a kind creature raised by the trees in the forest. He was stabbed in the chest with a tree branch by the logger who was trying to cut down the tree that raised him.

After being wounded, he met Ren, his only human friend. Neither Treeson nor Ren were very popular with the local kids, but they kept each other company and tried to save the trees in the city from being cut down by humans that wanted to put up more buildings.

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