The Tomodachi! Figure Collection Blind Box

1 inch
ABS, PVC, nylon, iron
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Stuffed toy artist SIO creates unique stuffed toy friends who lead a variety of daily lives!

total of 4 types
・Friends who do nothing!
I won't do anything.
I'm just standing there doing nothing.
I won't do anything, but
I'll say hello loudly and properly.

Friends eating pizza in bed!
``I'm not going to do anything else,'' I say, and eat my favorite pizza while lying in bed. We'll have the best time
stroking our favorite blankets and
watching movies.

・High-waisted friend!
My body is completely submerged in my pants.
I'll walk everywhere in this pose.
``I feel like I can walk faster,'' my friend said
! It's popular among us.

・A laid-back type of friend!
I don't care if I don't have time. I'm the type of friend who
just lays down and does things at his own pace, saying, "Okay, that's okay!"

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