Sushi L.A. : Sweet Ebi

Nakao Teppei
4 inches

This cute, deadly and delicious creature was born in a freak accident involving an experimental super-spicy wasabi sauce at a biker sushi bar in downtown Los Angeles. Designed by Japanese illustrator Nakao Teppei and produced by Japanese toy maker Sentinel, SUSHI L.A. is Sushi meets Kaiju in a mouth-wateringly cute design. At 11 cm (4 ½ inches) , Sushi L.A. is too big to fit in your mouth but looks great in hand. The figure utilizes clear milky white Japanese vinyl to give the shari (rice portion) a well defined texture while exuding a fresh and tasty look.

Sushi L.A. was born from the bizarre chemical reaction of a normal piece of sushi with an experimental super-spicy wasabi sauce concocted by an insane cook at a biker sushi bar in downtown Los Angeles. The sushi quickly mutated it into a savage (but cute) kaiju which then wreaked havoc on the restaurant. The creature itself is the shari (the rice portion of sushi) – it can change the neta (fish) on his back like a hermit crab can change its shell. By spraying other regular pieces of sushi with its Wasabi Fluid, Sushi L.A. can transform them into fellow Sushi Kaiju. However please note that this fluid is incredibly dangerous to itself, even one tiny accidental drop on its own head will kill it (meaning Sushi L.A. will revert back into a normal piece of sushi and be quickly devoured by restaurant patrons) Its other weakness is long walks! The rice that forms its legs comes off grain by grain with each step the little monster takes. It is estimated that Sushi L.A. can only walk 100 steps before its legs totally disintegrate and it reverts back to a standard piece of delicious sushi (and eaten by hungry bikers).

Height: 110mm Weight: 240g (Roughly the weight of your favorite rice bowl) Birthplace: a biker sushi bar in downtown Los Angeles Weapon of Choice: Wasabi Fluid (very toxic and spicy)

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