Space Dog Little Forest Series by Han Ning PRE-ORDER SHIPS JUL 2021

Han Ning
3 inches
Resin + Plastic
It's been a long time , the cute bling bling space dog (3inches tall)  finally comes, and now it has the formal name "Puppy Tang".
In Chinese ,the Tang(唐)of Tang Dynasty and the Tang(糖)of candy are all pronounced “Tang”, I hope this puppy from China could make you feel sweet and joyful. 
The first play of Little Forest series, including the warm little house, the vitality of little tree, and the sunlight full of little sun. 

Little sun is the most enthusiastic in Little Forest series, the sun modelling adds naughty expression, enough to show its cheerful. The little sun said, "Come to hug me, let the sunshine and positivity stay with you."


Little house is the most warm in Little Forest series, close your eyes, you will think of what? What makes you feel most comfortable? What else will you never forget? You know,that is a shelter from the wind and rain harbor! The Little house is the epitome of home. Here are the heart flowers planted together with the family, here are also familiar smells, here are more accompanied by you, me, her (him) growing up.


Little tree is the most popular in Little Forest series, everyone likes to be together with it, unfettered, open happy heart to grow up together. The little tree said: "I am now a small tree, will try to grow into a big tree, want to contribute a strength for the whole forest."

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