Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi

Shawnimals : Happy Splug

2 inches

About twice the size of the Shawnimals Ninjatown Micro Plush!

From Shawnimals' Blob Bog:

Entering the Blob Bog you may wish you hadn't -- thick, putrid water is clogged up by tangled plants. Try as it might, the sun seldom finds its way to the ground. And if you're not careful, you might be accidentally run down by a Slippery Splug speeding by unable to stop in a timely fashion. The Blob Bog is home to -- you guessed it -- the Blobs. Blobs are lazy, amoeba-like creatures, often able to change shape at will. This ability is usually used to find a more comfortable position while lounging. Blobs have domesticated many Splugs so they can speed around the Bog with ease, and the Splugs are happy to oblige since slipping along is what they do best. Splugs are slug-like creatures except decidely not slow. They have a slimy underside, allowing them to glide quickly through otherwise sticky swamp terrain. The Bog is also home to evil Shawnimals who are looking for an easy place to hide and plan nasty things.

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