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Robots Will Kill "Home is Where the Heart is" by ChrisRWK

7.5 inches
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The point of articulation on this figure is at the neck for the to move head, please note, that the feet do not move.

The sign is reversible, but take extra care when removing the sign so as not to snap the fingers.


What's the significance of the robot, and has its meaning changed since you first started to draw it?

I’m not sure the meaning has changed but I think it’s just expanded. The more people interact with the robot, or me about the robot, it helps me just as much as it helps them. Hearing people’s take on “robots will kill” and their meaning is always thought-provoking. I think as people who grew up with the robot, their meaning has changed. Especially for some who started collecting art because of it, or got into street art and now they’re introducing their kids into it. 


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