Reiko Kamano Figure Collection Blind Box

Reiko Kamano
1 inch
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Chao, a white cat, and his friends
always eat, make,
play, and work, and live happily ever after.

A round white cat with a strong personality. I love making sweets and cooking, playing and working. A friend of

Chifu Chao.
He is a glutton and his hobby is eating snacks. He is good friends with bears and often receives honey.

Chao's friend. Calm and a little intimidating. I like flowers and insects.

Shiba-san & Dachshund A hard-working and kind-
hearted Shiba Inu and a gentle dachshund who is always with him. He likes to get together and play with the Chaos.

From Kamanoreikosetsu
Mode Seminar.
After running a variety store and producing and selling original objects and accessories, he started painting again in 2016.
He sells original drawings and postcards at various galleries, museum shops, and department stores.

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