Yoyo Yeung Studio

Raby Sit Sit Baker by Yoyo Yeung PRE-ORDER SHIPS SEP 2024

Yoyo Yeung
3.5 inches
Vinyl & Resin
Expected release date is Oct 2024

People often visit Baker Raby's shop.

Fresh ingredients and rich textures make each of his baked goods irresistible.

Perhaps because of his love for and long experience in baking, his once white skin has taken on a light brown hue, with caramel tones at the tips of his ears.
This, however, makes his cherished chef’s hat appear even whiter.

Baker Raby hasn't been seen for a while, perhaps busy in the kitchen developing new creations.
But it’s time for him to come out and greet everyone again!

【 Raby SIT SIT- Baker】
Materia:Vinyl + Pu Resin(Hat)

Pre-order Period:
2024 June 28th 10:00 - July 1st 20:00

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