Black Seed Toys

Power Raider Giant Beast Weathering Effect Set of 5 by Kenneth Tang

Kenneth Tang
180mm x 130mm x 100mm

New collection from Black Seed, Tokusatsu Vinyl, and Power Raider is the first series. Designer Kenneth loves Tokusatsu and always hopes to shoot his own Tokusatsu film with his design. Therefore, he started to create Vinyl figures based on memorable and loved characters and transform it to vinyl with structure change. It’s not easy to make it happen, huge challenge between vinyl production limitation and feature of the figure, make sure it can be assembled in a simple way. 

No.01 Tyrannosaurus machine: Height ~ 120mm

No.02 Pterosaur machine: Length ~ 60mm

No.03 Vampyrictis machine: Length ~ 76mm

No.04 Triceratops machine: Length ~ 76mm

No05 Mammoth machine: Length ~ 130mm

Giant Beast:180mm*130mm*100mm

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