OBOT Guilty Pleasure Series Blind Box

3 inches
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Introducing GUILTY PLEASURES, a newfangled spread of snack-themed designs adorning a newly resized 8cm (3 inch) tall articulated OBOT, available as a blind boxed series from GAGATREE X ZCWO!  

GAGATREE Artists Lester Lim, Yang, Michelle Low and Hansen Chan has come up with 9 Designs for you to collect, so prepare to devour them to your heart's content, but all in the imaginations of your mind, and without a shred of guilt abandoning your healthy diet!

From breakfasts, to second breakfasts, to tea-time and supper-time, and any toy-time in between! Best of all? 
There are no "Expiry Dates" to enjoy these collectibles! Except of course when they are Sold Out of Stock at your favourite toy-shops!

*Disclaimer: All products in the "Guilty Pleasure" line of OBOTS are made from ABS, and are strictly non-edible in any way shape, or cooking method.

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