Black Seed Toys

Nozilla 2.5 by Noger Chen x Kenzi Murabayashi

Noger Chen x Kenzi Murabayashi
4.5 inches
Goodzila’s Noger Chen has collaborated with Japanese wood artist Kenzi Murabayashi, Taiwan-based 1982kids and Black Seed to create a fun twist on the popular Nozilla figure. For the 2.5D Nozilla vinyl art toy, Murabayashi created a wood carving of Goodzila’s signature Childhood Kaiju character in his signature 2.5D aesthetic with a chunky, blocky style. The humorous, everyday Kaiju vibe of the character comes through with the now familiar red cap and blue/white tee, shorts and sneakers. The vinyl figure is based on a 3D scan of Murabayashi’s original wood sculpture.
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