Legends of Lucha Libre ReAction Series : Tinieblas Jr.

3.75 inches

¡¿Quién es tu campeón?! Mexican wrestling dates back to the 1800's and Luchadores are some of the most recognizable sports folk heroes in the world.

Son of the legendary Tinieblas (who starred in many classic lucha libre films including Los Campeones Justiceros and El Castillo de las Momias de Guanajuato), Tinieblas Jr. has been wrestling for nearly 3 decades.  He has won both heavyweight and tag team championships and has defended his mask in apuestas matches on multiple occasions.  His lucha libre company, FULL (Federación Universal de Lucha Libre), tours throughout Mexico.  Tinieblas Jr. now stars in comic book series Luchaverse: Tinieblas Jr. as part of the first shared lucha libre universe, once again following in his father's footsteps as Tinieblas was the first luchador in Mexico after Santo to become a comic book star when his series launched in 1976. 

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