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Kuri Sweet Honey by Forest Dreamer

Forest Dreamer
4 inches

She comes from the ancient planet, the mysterious chestnut of the power of the star, the legend is only available on the night of the moon, check it out! She's about to disappear 

Joanna Tse, illustrator and toy designer. Good at making scenario models, like shyness character design, especially love nature topics.

In 2018, Joanna Set up his own creative brand - the dream forest forest dreamer - the English pronunciation of "Jo" and the meaning of soap soap.

And this forest is exactly one of the small world in Joanna Fantasy, documenting the story of a forest friend.

Fox Kuri (Chestnut) is the first role of the dream forest.

All animals in this fantasy forest are born from all kinds of fruits. And the protagonist of the story - kuri is a fox running from the fruit of the chestnut tree, and also named.

Little kuri except curiosity.. is full of boyishly. She is convinced that she is circulating the pedigree of the nine-tailed fox, not the ordinary fox, and that he will be able to get the magical power of the nine-tailed fox one day So, after she made a nine-tailed coat with her hair, she was holding his good friend - the frog, somewhere to start an expedition, determined to look for the real nine-tailed fox.

These two mutually supportive good friends will launch a fantasy adventure journey in the dream forest.

“we love, so we made.”


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