Karimoku60 Miniature Furniture Color Change Version Blind Box

1 inch
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This product is based on the "Karimoku 60 Miniature Furniture Vol. 1" released in 2019, and has been re-released with new colors.
The items that appear as new colors are “K Chair 1 Seater”, “K Chair 2 Seater”, “Lobby Chair 1 Seater”, “D Chair” and “D Table”. "K Chair 1 Seater" and "K Chair 2 Seater" will also have coloring that reproduces the feel of the popular "Moquette Green" type from the first series.

By decorating in combination with the first and second bullets, the miniature world of Karimoku 60 will be further expanded.
Please enjoy the capsule toy full of charm of "Karimoku 60" even if it is small.


Lineup of
5 types
1. K Chair 1 seater (Standard Ivory/Moquette Green)
2. K Chair 2 Seater (Standard Ivory/Moquette Green)
3. Lobby Chair 1 seater (Leebel Brown/Standard Black)
4. D Chair (Standard ) black)
5. D Table (Pure Beach)

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