Kaiju Hunting Series 2 Blind Box

3 inches
Soft Vinyl
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Kaiju Hunting 2 blind box series with designs from 7 artists :

Kaiju Hunting 2 collection:
Kilala by Shoko Nakazawa
Klik by coarse
Apuwa by FeeBee Jp
Monster Fluffy by 大久保博人
The Tenth Son by Kenny Wong
Labubu "Gojimomo" by Kasing Lung
Flame by SHON SIDE

We sincerely invite all Kaiju Hunters to join our hunting journey.

"Due to a printing mistake on the packaging, the ratios of GID versions were marked incorrectly on the blind boxes and cases. In order to correct the situation all master boxes had to be opened and replacement stickers were used to correct the ratio on the boxes. The assortment rate remains the same and is not affected.

So please don't worry to find unsealed master boxes(12PCs) while purchasing. It’s because of the correction procedure.

And if you see the ratio of the GID versions printed as 1/12, please note this is incorrect - GID versions should be 1/24.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience." - from Paradise (toy producer)

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