Headphonies : Diver

3 inches

Headphonies are toy shaped portable mini speakers that are compatible with all iPod variations, and will also work with other MP3 and CD players, as well as computers and even certain cell phones. The speakers stand at only 3 tall, and the sound quality will really surprise you. Each Headphonie comes in its own packaging which includes a headphone cable for connecting your music listening device to the Headphonie speaker, as well as a USB charging cable for the unit, which doesn't requires batteries to use, and can achieve a full charge in about a hour which will give users about four hours worth of play time (played at maximum volume).

We have also improved many features from the first production:

- Improved packaging and plastic fitting
- Better Quality speaker
- RoHS compliant components
- Improved instructions, now in 3 languages
- LED indicator turns from red to green when fully charged.
- Improved Electronic components

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