Fewmany Art Vinyl Show : Norica Seri

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1981. Lives in Hakata. Character designer, artist.
Illustration activity began in 2004. Work on illustration of various media such as mobile, books, advertisements, games.
Character design such as "AstroBaby (Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.)", "Chari Angels mini (Fukuoka city)", "Drop Kitsch! (Walt Disney Japan Co.,Ltd.)


I'm writing the book "a little more illustration to convey more feelings" (Shogakkan Co., Ltd.). I'm started working as a figure artist in 2017.
I participate in many exhibitions abroad and do paintings and other live performances.


Draws a pure and straight world with the theme of "blue sky without clouds" characterized by blue eyes. Even with rain, it's eyes are always fine. 
I hope your heart feels happy.


With the purchase of any item from this artist you will have the chance to win the following original drawing!