Fewmany Art Vinyl Show : Kaori Hinata

Kaori Hinata is a Japanese artist, illustrator and character designer.
The overarching theme of her creative works is "The Cuteness of antiques and Nostalgia". Her most popular original character is called "Morris The Cat with Antlers". Morris is a cat boy - but different from the average cat because he has big antlers on his head. "Morris" was released as a sofubi figure, and became a beloved character in the world.

In addition to her own original characters, she has produced collaborations with many popular properties including KAMEN RIDER, ULTRAMAN, MAZINGER-Z, DEVILMAN.

Stay tuned to Kaori Hinata's Social Media channels for news and updates of future projects and events.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kaorihinata
Twitter : https://twitter.com/hinatique
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hinatique


With the purchase of any item from this artist you will have the chance to win the following original drawing!