Fewmany Art Vinyl Show : Hikari Bambi

I am an illustrator and character designer. In recent years I have also designed soft vinyl. I make company characters such as the official Nikon character "Nikon-chan" and create illustrations for video games. I participate in many domestic events. 


Collaborate with big titles such as Mazinger Z, Devilman, Ultraman, Cyborg 009, etc. Release of VAG series of capsule toys, a mini picture book of "Kuma no Kumakuma" from MEDICOMTOY. "Kuma no bear bear" design is released at BE @ RBRICK series35.


In 2019, the plush toy "Kuma no Kumakuma" was sold at GTOKYO.
I also participate in art toy events in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, USA, Thailand, etc.


See my colorful & POP & energetic characters. I aim to create works like vitamins that will make you feel relaxed and energetic.

Twitter/Instagram @hikaribambi