Dunny 5 inch : Wannabe

Luke Chueh
5 inches

At the end of the day doesn’t everyone just really want to be a Dunny? Kidrobot and Luke Chueh sure think so and are ready to prove it with the Wannabe 5” Dunny. This flocked beary bloody Dunny is an homage to Luke Chueh’s Possessed piece and brings a macabre cuteness to your collection like only Luke Chueh can. Limited to 1500 pieces worldwide add this to your collection today and be the wannabe you’ve always wanted to be!

Note: Due to delicate nature of the flocking application on vinyl, please use care when inserting the knife accessory as the red flocking can be disturbed by using excessive force when inserting the knife into the figures hand.  To insert the knife please follow the this guide for reference.

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