Dreaming Unicorno Strawberry Milk Special Edition

3 inches

When Strawberry Milk Unicorno goes to sleep, she's transported to a creamy dreamland full of delicious delights!  Dreaming Unicorno - Strawberry Milk (Special Edition) features a sleeping Strawberry Milk Unicorno who can be displayed inside her dreamland dome or removed and displayed independently!  Enjoy a world of strawberry bliss with Dreaming Unicorno - Strawberry Milk (Special Edition)!

- Open-box collectible format
- Comes with sticker sheet!
- Dome stands at approximately 3” high; dreaming Unicorno stands less than 1” high
- Product comes with all parts assembled.  Unicorno dome lid is removable. Once the lid is removed, the dreaming Unicorno is removable.  All other parts are permanent.

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