Bonsai Puzzle Japanese Apricot


"Bonsai" is deeply loved both in Japan and overseas.
Recently, even among young people, the "BONSAI" boom has deeply penetrated as a trend item.
"BONSAI PUZZLE" is a new type of wood puzzle that changes its shape according to your "aesthetic sense".

"Bonsai" that changes its shape depending on how it is cared for and grows into a beautiful appearance.
"BONSAI PUZZLE" also changes into various shapes depending on your hands.
There are three types of lineup: "pine", "ume", and "椛".
After the assembly, as an interior decorate your room, you can feel the familiar "bonsai" of life.

Anyone can easily assemble it by simply combining the indentations of the parts.
How you combine the branches and flowers depends on your "aesthetic sense".

"Plum" that blooms brightly in early spring.
You can enjoy the combination of red and white flowers.
Infinite combinations!
You can change the shape according to the season and mood, like a "bonsai" that changes the expression according to the number of creators.

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