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Blockbusterz DIY Vinyl Wall Kit 3-Pack


Martian Toys is pleased to introduce Blockbusterz — a modular and ever expanding set of street art brick blocks. Stack them vertically with corresponding built-in magnets and connect them horizontally by interlocking the sides and cap off your Blockbuster off with the end caps!


Your first set starts with 3 blocks and 6 end caps creating roughly a 7x7 inch canvas front & back with sides and top to embellish too.  But won’t be long before you’re tagging as much brick real estate as the most infamous taggers in the city.


Made from roto vinyl , Blockbusterz are the perfect material to paint on, sculpt on and yes easily cut into so you can create anything from a replica street art tagged wall to a diorama of a monster smashing through a brick building. The sky is the limit.


Completed Blockbusterz will appeal to art toy collectors, mural chasers and design lovers alike. Write a unique message to a loved one, build a unique background to your toy collection or grow your commission list by opening your art up to new audiences.


Grab your first 3-pack today , double up for 14x7 landscape canvas or really make a truly spectacular mark with a multi 3-pack purchase!

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