Boundless Brooklyn

Billboard Model Kit

8 3/4 H x 9 1/4 W x 6 1/2 D

From Brooklyn to Buenos Aires, Los Angeles to London, billboards are classic icons that serve up images of temptations along the way. And since we're always up for a good road trip, we're psyched to introduce our latest kit, The Billboard.

Like all Boundless products, this model kit and packaging is made in NYC from chipboard íëí_íë_íëÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâ_Çí«íÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇ_íëí_íë__íëí_íë_íëÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâ_Çí«íÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇ_íëí_íë_íëÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâ_Çí«Ì__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâ_£ a 100% recycled material* íëí_íë_íëÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâ_Çí«íÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇ_íëí_íë__íëí_íë_íëÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâ_Çí«íÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇ_íëí_íë_íëÌ__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâ_Çí«Ì__Ì_åâåÎÌÇÌ_åöÌ__Ì_åâ_£ so they've got attitude, all while being respectful of Mother Nature.

The Billboard fits perfectly on a desk, mantle, shelf, nightstand or end table and rises a breezy 8 3/4" H x 9 1/4" W x 6 1/2" D. Bring out your inner artist by customizing your billboard with acrylic paints and markers.

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