Vapour Park

Bac Bac Daruma by Vapour Park x Bac Bac's Diary x Thinkingues

Vapour Park x Bac Bac's Diary x Thinkingues
11 cm
All the white fans have been waiting for a long time!
On these days when people feel a little lost, Vapour Park is looking for warmth and healing white, dressed in Damo, and also found a white friend, Mr. Penguin, to send blessings to everyone.
The Vapour Park team once again invited Ada teacher who wanted to make a room wood carving animal to do a hand-made prototype carving. ′′ White Dharma ′′ presented under the artisan-class wood carving technology of teacher Ada, in addition to faithfully stereoscopicizing the patterns of white and penguin, it also added the details of wood carving, making the work of White Dharma more warm. The feeling of.
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