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AAMY Picnic With Butterfly Blind Box by AAMY

3 inches
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On a normal afternoon, the AAMY elves came to have a picnic under the trees in the garden. They discussed everything about the season, but slowly, in the pleasant breeze, they couldn't help but launch into a daze.
What can we do to live up to this afternoon? This is a question that has no answer, but everyone has an idea in mind.
It seems that just doing nothing is enough to make this afternoon extraordinary.


Available as a blind box series! 12 different designs with 2 randomly inserted secret figures! You will either get 12 of the standard figures in a case or 11 standard plus 1 secret!


Artist AAMY draws various fantastic scenes of and maiden characters made of sugar and wax.

She hopes to use magic and sweet dreams to release and map people's inner fantasies.

She hopes to heal the sweet and sour hearts of young girls and give people the strength and courage to live



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