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Paul & RIngo : Christmas Gentlemen

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Wanna stay with us on the nomad planet in Christmas?

John & Yoko 's Space Diary

Paul & Ringo - Christmas Gentleman Ver.


If it is calculated by the calendar of Z017 Planet, this guest will come to the institute to visit us almost every year.

" Robinson, how is it lately?"

He's a slightly fat,. Old man. No one knows what planet he comes from. And my two masters - Paul and Ringo never asked.

" thank you. In addition to the antivirus of the antivirus program, everything works well." I answer the old man and hope the owners can hear it too.

" know, Robin, I'll give you a good update later. Hi! Old man, this year is also coming to the same?". Paul, who came from a bunch of research information, said hello to the old man.

" pls." old man nod smile.

" come now! Old man." Ringo drop the game control rod and walk into the lab to get the old man's want.

That's a few bottles of shiny launch water.

Old man immediately happy to take out a few cups and then put the steam water carefully.


Every year, they will take a cup like this.

After a sip, three people immediately lost weight and floating in the air.

" Ho! Ho! Ho! The " flying water " effect that you have deployed this year is still almost perfect!" the old man looks very satisfied, just laughter is a little weird.

" thank you. But we still failed to solve this side effect. I blame the dumb rabbit for playing electric all day......" Paul pointed to his own red nose.

" no problem! As long as the reindeer drink this with the little fox who works, it's good to be able to fly steady. Besides, the red nose has become one of our features. It's not bad to keep it up!" old man doesn't know where to take out a big bag of bags and then pull out two gifts from the bag and send it to Paul and Ringo as pay.

" whoo whoo whoo is the full Golden Remote Control Rod! I want it for a long time!" Ringo excited to plug the remote to an electric test immediately.

" oh oh oh, this space dress is very special. Transparent inside and shiny! Thank you, old man, and welcome to us in the next year." Paul put the space clothes on and turned around a few laps in front of the mirror, seems like very much.

" Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Then I go to work lah. See you in the next year!" the old man put the remaining " flying water " into the bag, and then replaced the red overalls with a red dress, and left it dashing.

" Merry...... what?" focused the electric Ringo is not listening clearly.

" Christmas, Christmas! The old man speaks this sentence every time. What does it mean?" Paul's face is confused.

" Master, if you are willing to update the antivirus program for me, I will come to tell you." I take the opportunity.

Attach the picture of the two masters who took the picture after the old man left.

Merry Christmas.
May we take the wind of the universe.

Recorded In Cosmic Calendar 20018 12 pm 27 pm


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