Legends of Lucha Libre ReAction Series : Solar in Suit

3.75 inches

¡¿Quién es tu campeón?! Mexican wrestling dates back to the 1800's and Luchadores are some of the most recognizable sports folk heroes in the world.

Known as a "maestero de maesteros," an honor bestowed upon only the most legendary technically proficient luchadores, Solar was a member of the famed "Los Cadetes del Espacio" trio who not only helped revolutionize trios (3 vs. 3) matches in Mexico, but helped popularize lucha libre in Japan in the 1980s.  Since his debut in 1975, Solar has held championships in nearly every weight class and has defended his mask in apuestas matches (Mask vs. Mask or Mask vs. Hair) more than 15 times.  Solar now stars in comic book series Luchaverse: Solar & Super Astro - Los Cadetes del Espacio with his former, and still on occasion, teammate.

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