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Urbanites - Cleabus

Urbanites - Cleabus

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Designed by: Chris Lee

Dimensions: "2.5"""
Medium: Vinyl
Ratio: 800

Price: $12.99


Urbanites - Cleabus by Chris Lee

Cleabus was born into a long line of proud radish farmers. Sadly, he never was really good at it. Embarassed and ashamed, he decided to run away from home.

Cleabus had always been a dreamer and wanted nothing more than to make his family proud; so he packed up what little belongings he had (his favorite hat and a bag of radish seed) and headed west.

After months of hard labor, Cleabus finally managed to master the art of radish farming. In fact, he became so good at it, that he was able to grow a HUGE radish atop the hill that overlooks his small patch of land.

He has made that his permanent residence.

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