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Uglydoll : Flea Bea Yellow

Uglydoll : Flea Bea Yellow

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Designed by: David Horvath
Produced by: Pretty Ugly

Dimensions: 14 inches
Medium: Plush

Price: $18.99


Uglydoll : Flea Bea Yellow by David Horvath

"Ugly Sticks are sort of like the perfect sidekicks to have with you at all times in the Uglyverse. They are there for you. Feeling sad? Ugly Sticks will knock that right out of you. POW! Happy now? No wait...Feeling really Ugly? GOOD! Ugly means UNIQUE! Anyone can retouch a photo to look beautiful, but you can't fake Ugly! Celebrate how truly Ugly you really are with Ugly Stick and show us what you've got!"

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