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Shawnimals : Happy Dawg

Shawnimals : Happy Dawg

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Designed by: Shawnimals
Produced by: Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi

Dimensions: 3.75 inches
Medium: Plush

Price: $6.99


Shawnimals : Happy Dawg by Shawnimals

About twice the size of the Shawnimals Ninjatown Micro Plush!

Straight outta Shawnimals' Hotdog Kingdom:

The Hotdog people have the luxury of being the central-most region in Shawnimaland, with access to the Big Blue on the north thanks to the Hotdog Bay, and via a river on the south side thanks to a trade agreement with the Bean Village. This prime real estate has secured the Hotdog Kingdom as a sort of capital of Shawnimaland. The Hotdog King rules the kingdom with an iron fist, mainly because of his bad temper. Hence, he's often referred to as the Enraged Hotdog King. He is by no means evil, but his judgment is swift and should never be questioned. Legend has it he has put wrong-doers on ice, and has even gone as far as to send them to the guillotine. It is not known why he's so cranky, but it could be because of a unfortunate situation involved his crown and it running away. Mr. Demon and the Evil Bun tribe want to control the Hotdog Kingdom and grow more trees on its fertile land. Mr. Demon also thinks he can control all of Shawnimaland if he dethrones the Hotdog King. The leaders of the Evil bun Tribe, the Evil Bun Twins, share this desire.

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