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Qee Domo Series 4 : Blue Flames

Qee Domo Series 4 : Blue Flames

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Produced by: Toy2R

Dimensions: 2.5 inches
Medium: ABS Plastic

Price: $9.99


Qee Domo Series 4 : Blue Flames by Toy2R

** This is an OPEN blind box figure. The packaging has been open solely to identify it's contents**

3 vinyl figure featuring artwork from a variety of artists including Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, Doktor A, and others including a few directly from the Android team at Google! Packaged as a blind box, designs are a surprise until you open the package.

*This is an open blind box item

What is blind box?
Blind box items are fully enclosed boxes which contain a number of different possible figures inside. You will not be able to identify the figure without opening the box but there are usually images of the possible choices on the side of the box themselves.

Why do we offer open blind box items?
For those who only want specific figures and/or do not want to receive duplicates of the same figure we offer the open blind box option. These items are opened by us only to identify their contents. They have not been used for any other purpose and in most cases never leave their wrapping. We offer both opened and unopened boxes so you get to decide what is the best option for you!

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