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Color Ink Book : Issue 15

Color Ink Book : Issue 15

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Produced by: Brothers Washburn

Dimensions: 8.5 X 11. Full Color Cover. Black & White interior. 100+ pages.
Medium: Magazine

Price: $9.99


Color Ink Book : Issue 15 by Brothers Washburn

Volume Number Fifteen: Features a cover by Amy Sol. This volume features works by Adam Isaac Jackson, Anjo Bolarda, Amy Sol, Brian Colin, Dabs Myla, David Lozeau, Jed Thomas, John Casey, Katherine Brannock, Mildred, Paul Shih and Mr. Scott Tolleson!!!!

Yet another Brothers Washburn Production!!!!!

The fifteenth volume of the color optional, DIY Art Periodical. Color Ink Book is a black and white art periodical, which is published in limited quantities quarterly; showcasing the both, established artists as well as fresh faces. The volumes are printed on 60 lb Endurance Vellum Offset Book paper, to offer the reader the option to color the work showcased within: thus bringing the art enthusiasts and artist together.
8.5 x 11
Full Color Cover
Black & White interior 100+ pages
Color Ink Book: The Fo-Realest Art Periodical

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