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Edward Gorey's The Black Doll

Edward Gorey's The Black Doll

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Designed by: Edward Gorey
Produced by: Necessaries Toy Foundation

Dimensions: 7 inches
Medium: Plush

Price: $44.99


Edward Gorey's The Black Doll by Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey's The Black Doll

A life-long friend of Edward Gorey's made The Black Doll for him in 1942. Gorey visited her while she was making it, and upon seeing it insisted on keeping it in it's unfinished state, lacking a face, arms and clothing. In spite of her objection, Gorey prevailed. It may be the first recorded instance of Gorey's enduring dedication to engaging the imagination.

The incomplete Black Doll has remained a recurring enigma for almost 70 years appearing in many of Gorey's books and drawings as well as being the subject of his silent screenplay. This is the first time The Black Doll has been produced for Edward Gorey's devoted following.

In its newest incarnation, The Black Doll returns as an objet d'art. Necessaries Toy Foundation in conjunction with the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust will release The Black Doll in a limited edition of 2000. Measuring 13 - it is larger than the original, which measured roughly 7. The minimally yet artfully designed box boasts on the back, an account of the original doll's history. The whole package is a sublime tribute to a most beloved artist. As always, Necessaries produces toys in such a way that elevates them from simple limited edition figures to endearing artifacts.

-Annie Owens/Hi-fructose

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