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William, Reginald and Henry : Natural

William, Reginald and Henry : Natural

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Designed by: Frank Kozik
Produced by: Arts Unknown

Dimensions: 8.5 inches
Medium: Vinyl
Ratio: Limited Edition of 350

Price: $109.99


William, Reginald and Henry : Natural by Frank Kozik

In the chronicles of exploration, few feats match Lord William Fitzpatrick Smythe's adventures into the vast unknown heart of the blank space known as Inner Lemuria. Follow him, and his faithful retainers Reginald 'Mamoo' Withers and Henry 'Hop' Newtsbridge, as they discover the mystic and ancient ruins of La-Er.'\r\n

\r\nIf you're lucky you may pull a special chase colorway. Chase colorways are randomly packaged.

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